15 minutes (2 days after Alpha games) just to try. Went ok. 
4 meters few times and once (at least) or twice= 5 meters
few times 1-3 meters. Managed to control falling a few times, after tips from Jordi
2 x 15 mins practicing. Trick is to keep fingers pointing more straight ahead, less out to sides. Although tricker for mobility in wrists

Aug 2018: 5/5,5 meters
June 2018: 4 meters
June 2018: 3 meters
24th Aug 2017: about 4 meters (filmed)
Aug 2017: bit better. Make sure to place hand closer to feet when kicking up, not too far away like I have tendency to do. 
Sideways by wall; 6 x 3 m
May 2016: start with one hand 15 cm in front of other ('mid step')

Wall climb:
5 rounds max close to wall. Can not touch with nose...